Friday, February 29, 2008


When I was preparing for my son's birth, I thought to buy nursing bras, but I didn't think about nursing bras to sleep in. I am so glad my friend told me about these Nursing Sleep Bras from Motherhood. They are very comfortable and pretty affordable too. I will spare you all the cleavage picture and let you just follow the link!


I feel like I should do another post on one of my favorite kid items of all time, the Go Go Kidz Travelmate (because it was my very first post and it has been awhile). Whenever I use it at the airport people stop and ask where I got it. It is a set of wheels that you connect to your toddler car seat (works on most) and then you can wheel your car seat through the airport instead of trying to carry that heavy thing with the rest of your stuff.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Have you ever been to these Dress sales that they have in Utah at different people's homes? They are such darling dresses at great prices (for the quality). They are dresses similar to those you see at Department Stores and boutiques, but half the price. Size 3m to 14. You can check out their website, but there isn't a huge selection there (and I think the dresses are cheaper at the sale). Here are the details for the upcoming sale:

-March 6th, 9-11 am
1751 E. Tuscan Ridge Cove (11450 S.), Sandy, Utah

*I just found out that they are doing 30 sales in Utah next week at different locations. Email me if you want me to send you the locations.

There is one in Herriman on Monday, March 3rd from 9-11 am at 5341 W. Toscana Way.

They will have a lot of spring and Easter dresses!


These little white wingtips would be darling to Bless or Christen a baby boy in. They are from The Children's Place. I had a similar pair from Gap for my son.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Don't forget to email me with your Discovery Toys orders by Thursday night (tomorrow) to get an additional 10% off of the 12% off sale. scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com.


Down East Basics has some darling items in their new Spring line. I love everything pictured and hope to get all of it. I don't mind if you do too, but now you are forewarned if we go somewhere together and end up matching :)


Okay it is time for EVERYONE to weigh in! (and I mean everyone...if you have never commented on my blog, now is the time). I want to know your favorite face wash, moisturizer and any other beauty product that you LOVE. I have never found a face wash or face moisturizer that I love, so I need your HELP!

The only thing I use that I haven't been disappointed with is Bare Minerals. I like how it is so light and doesn't feel cakey (if that is a word) like liquid foundation. I only use the foundation, so I can't speak for their other products. And it lasts quite awhile, which is great.

*I also have naturally curly hair and would love any products you like for us curly girls.

Update: I remembered a few other products I like. Lancome's Juicy tubes lip gloss. They are expensive, but I love that they don't have an applicator and they have some great colors. They last forever too (at least for me).
I have also started using Pureology shampoo and conditioner and like the fact that it is sulfate free (the ingredient in shampoo that dries out your hair). My hair is much softer after using this ( is not cheap).

What does everyone use for soap in the shower? I have been using Bath & Body Works creamy body wash for years, but it does not moisturize my extremely dry skin much. I just like the different scents. I would rather use something more moisturizing if anyone has any suggestions.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


2 Red Hens makes such darling diaper bags. I love them, but didn't want to have one for my primary diaper bag because they aren't super functional. Yes they do have a few pockets, but I love my Fleurville instead (see my previous post on why). Anyway, I decided that the 2 Red Hens Whole Roost would be the perfect church bag, though. They retail for $108 and I couldn't justify that. I found mine on Amazon for around $35. I don't understand it but for some reason you can find 2 Red Hens bags way cheap on Amazon at times. Currently I found the bag pictured above for only $21.74. It says there is only one left, but you can periodically search Amazon for 2 Red Hens and see what pops up. I love how they have a vinyl cover on the fabric so they are very durable.


These "Bag-it" bags from Sunshine Kids were one of my favorite baby items when my son was small. It is a disposable roll of plastic bags to put your diapers in or those unexpected dirty outfits (if you know what I mean). I love the Bag-it especially because the entire roll is disposable so you can just throw the whole thing away and you don't have to buy refills. I have tried other brands that have a container with refills and it was too hard to get the refills to stay in the container and I did not like it.

I know you can just keep grocery bags in you diaper bag and save the money, but you have to remember to refill your diaper bag with them and it was just easier for me to use these and they really aren't that expensive considering the fact that you probably aren't using them everyday.

You can sometimes find them at Walmart, Target etc., but I had to buy them at USA Baby recently because I couldn't find them elsewhere.


I definitely believe we should encourage our kids to get out and play and be active, but I thought this would be fun for them to use to exercise with Mom or Dad. I don't know if I would really buy one, but I thought it was a fun idea. It is called the Kids First Treadmill I love how it is safe and there is no motor. The child sets the pace. They show it online at alot of different sporting goods stores, but I saw it in person at a new Children's Boutique in Draper, Utah called Curds and Whey. It retails for around $100.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Twice a year Britax lifts its pricing restrictions. Right now is one of those times. seems to have the best pricing from what I have found. All Britax items should ship free during this sale. It goes through March 2nd. My favorite is the Marathon, but you can compare them and decide your favorite.

DVDs at TARGET 2/24/08-3/1/08

This week at Target you can get Ratatouille, Shrek the Third, Spiderman 3, Transformers and others for only $10 each!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Edible Arrangements and Cookies by Design are both nationwide companies that deliver fun alternatives to flowers. Sometimes you want to send someone a thank you or a congratulations, or a sympathy gift and flowers just don't cut it. I have tried both of these companies and they are both yummy. They have a lot of different price ranges too.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Gymboree is having their BABY SALE right now through March 2nd. It is for sizes 0-5T. All regular priced items $12.50-$20 are $10 and all items $22.50-$42.50 are $20. They have an additional 20% off their sale items right now and on top of it all you can earn Gymbucks. If you go in the store, you can also enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card through February 23rd.


A friend of mine asked asked for a post on Hair Bows. I find this ironic since I do not have a daughter, but here it goes. (these are all websites as it is for her friend in PA). Click on the red names for their websites.

The website doesn't have a huge selection, but they do make some cute bows. They have a big selection of these bows in all Cookie Cutters locations in Utah.

Tater Tot Hair Clips
My friend makes these and you can order them off her blog or find them at
a few stores in Utah (listed on her site). They are darling and
made of high quality felt (and are affordable too).

I love their selection and quality. They offer 10% off for new customers.
And their prices include free shipping.

This is my sister-in-law. She makes darling flower hair clips and hascrocheted head bands as pictured above and beanies with flowers too. She is having a sale right now. If you want a specific color flower, just email her and she can send you pictures.

Simply Bows

They have a HUGE selection and they even make some bows to match Gymboree outfits.

See my preivous post, but I love these headbands!
Etsy and Ebay are also great sites for bows!
*Do you have a site for bows that you want to tell us about?
(Even if it is your own). Leave a comment and let us know.


Sesame Street the Body is a "featured exhibit" now through May 4th at Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake. There is an additional charge to get into this exhibit. I have heard it is pretty cute and fun for kids to learn about the body and VERY fun for those Sesame Street fans out there.

You can also take your kids to have breakfast with with Elmo and go to the Museum on March 1st or 22nd from 7:30-9:15 am. Here are some more details:

Tickets: $25 per person
Includes breakfast, gift bag, visit from Elmo, and admission to Discovery Gateway and Sesame Street Presents: The Body.

Sounds fun, but way too early for me!


Discovery Toys is having a sale right now through March 14th. Basically everything on their website (or in their fall/winter catalog if you have one) is 12% off. It is a great deal and I can make it even better by offering 10% off your order if you order by February 28th. Just email me if you want to place an order at scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com. The items above are some of my favorites. My son was obsessed with the cube of animals "Hide inside surprise" from 6 months to 1 year.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Easter is Sunday, March 23rd this year. If you don't have an Easter basket for your kids, I love these from Pottery Barn. I bought the bucket for my son last year. They aren't as cheap as others you can find, but I like how it is nice and I can use it for years to come.
*Check out some of their cute Valentine's sale items too.


Kiddopotamus makes the Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib. It is by far the best bib I have found. It is very easy to clean/scrub and has a large pocket to catch food. It is also soft and flexible and easy for the child to wear. You can find them in stores at Babies R' Us. They are about $5.99, I think.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My friend Chelsea is right. Elsa Belle at Gardner Village in Utah did close it's doors. They are going to sell everything on their website from now on (starting in about 2 weeks).


Don't forget to email me for the Lilybella Boutique coupon code for 20% off by the end of the day tomorrow! scoffieldk {at} gmail {dot} com


My friend suggested this blog to me. It is full of downloadable literacy ideas. There are 5 new literacy ideas added each week. There are a lot of activities you can do with your kids and there will be a lot of things added in the future to print and use at home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Timeworks Inc. makes the cutest clocks I have seen for Children's rooms. (They actually have nice Wall Clocks too, for your home). I have their "Field of Dreams" clock and love it. You can find them on various websites. If you live in Utah, Elsa Belle at Gardner village carries some too.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have these towels and LOVE them! They are the perfect size and are VERY soft and thick. They are at Linens N' Things. They are called the "Palace Oversized Luxury Bath Towels." They are normally $20 a piece, but February 17th-27th, you can get them for $5.99 each (while supplies last...but I don't think they will last long)! I bought them 2 years ago at the same price for President's day, but they did not do the sale last year. I don't like fighting the crowds, so I went online and bought them (yes I had to buy more). You can pick them up at your store if it shows that they are available, but I paid shipping because they were not. Shipping wasn't too bad considering the steal of a deal you are getting. If you decide to go to the store...they open at 8:00 a.m. on February 18th (President's Day). Here is the link

**All pillows and mattress pads are buy one get one free on Monday, February 18th only.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Go City Kids is a great website to find things in your area to do with kids. I found a lot of things on there that I had never heard about. Try it out!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Discovery Toys has an AWESOME birthday sale going on right now that ends on Tuesday, February 19th. I am a consultant (basically to get toys for my son...I love their toys). Email me by Monday night if you are interested in placing an order. scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com Their toys all come wth a lifetime guarantee! If something doesn't work properly or breaks then Discovery Toys will send you a replacement. Also, I love that you can order replacement parts if they get worn or lost. And they have high standards on their toy production and have never had a problem with lead paint!

Starting Wednesday, February 20th EVERY ITEM in their fall catalog is 12% off. There are so many great toys in that catalog. Follow this link and then click on the links on the right for their fall catalog. Email me if you want me to order anything for you.

**No pressure. I just love their toys and I love good deals.


Babinskis in Utah on Foothill Drive is the largest Children's Boutique in Salt Lake County. They have tons of baby furniture, diaper bags, bedding, clothing, etc. etc. It is a darling store and definitely worth stopping in. My friend just started a blog for Babinskis it will have info. on sales, products, etc. Check it out!


I have a love hate relationship with Target Although I love Target...I HATE their return policy. (And it continues to get worse over time). The latest: you cannot return an item on a WEDDING or BABY registry without a gift receipt unless it is under $20 and even then you only get 2 returns allowed to you per year. How ridiculous! This also applies to anyone else who wants to return an item to Target without a gift receipt. You cannot return your item unless it is under $20 either. Moral of the story: if you buy someone a gift from Target you HAVE to give them a gift receipt.

If you buy something from Target and want to return better have a receipt or the only thing that will save you is if you put it on a credit card they can track your purchase that way so you won't need your receipt. So..moral of this story: Think through your Target purchases and returns and always, ALWAYS purchase everything at Target on a credit card.

Lastly, I am pretty sure they will NOT take any type of return (receipt of otherwise) after 90 days, you better not wait either!

Thursday, February 14, 2008



I have been wanting to get a tote bag for my son to use for his stuff that we take to church to keep him occupied or library books or whatever. I have looked around, but I haven't found one that I love yet, until now. I like how these are made of oilcloth, so they are more durable and won't get as dirty and you can even have them personalized with the child's name if you want. They are from the Lilybella Boutique online. Lilybella has a lot of fun things on their site and other tote bag designs. I signed up to do an "online" party so we can all get 20% off our orders between February 14-21st. You just have to email me for the code. Email me at scoffieldk {at} gmail {dot} com.


Since I posted on Crazy 8, I figured I should post on Janie and Jack (even though most of you have heard of it). It is another one of Gymboree's sister companies, but it is higher end than Gymboree. Yes..MORE EXPENSIVE! They have stores all over the US, but of course not in Utah (where we have soooo many kids...that sure makes sense). I love to look at their site and dream, but just can't justify the prices most of the time. Every now and then I will find some thing on sale that I like, though.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Crazy 8 is one of the sister companies to Gymboree. It is cheaper (like Old Navy is to Gap). The first store was opened in August 2007, so there are not very many actual stores, but you can shop online and shipping is only $4.98. They have children's sizes 0-14. It seems like they are still growing and don't have a huge selection yet, but I bet it will get better with time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


These cute binky clips from Baby Bintz were also at the Oh Sweet Sadie boutique. I love the sports one because it isn't too feminine. They have a ton of options, though and the owner said that I could pass on this 25% off coupon code to all of you! Enter FF25 upon checkout. They have a bunch of other cute baby items too.