Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am taking a little blogging break...but I will be back Monday with some great tips!
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BLURB - turn your BLOG into a BOOK!

I had heard that there was something out there like this, but I had not actually seen it yet. I am so EXCITED! Blurb takes your blog and turns it into a nice photo book with all of your writing and pictures right off your blog. I watched the tutorial video and it is soooo easy and looks great too.

It works with many blogging platforms – Supports Blogger,, TypePad, and blogs.

I searched around for some other companies, but it seems like Blurb is the best!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A girl I know does this great Art and Gift Show a few times a year with tons of vendors. It is February 8th and 9th at a home in Herriman, Utah. You can check out their blog for more info:

They are also going to be doing free giveaways between February 1st and the show. You just need to post a comment to enter.


I was going to delete this post due to the negative feedback and some information I read about the Diaper Champ having defects and such, but I thought it might help to have it on here, so people can see that the no diaper pail option might just be the way to go!

I was forbidden by my mother to use a diaper pail. She said it is disgusting and I should NOT get one. So..I didn't. I take all of my diapers out to my garage. It is a pain, but then I don't have to clean a dirty/disgusting diaper pail either, so I guess there is a trade off. I know that doesn't work for everyone (especially if you live in an apartment or condo). So..I have read that the best Diaper pail is the Diaper Champ as it has the most important features in a diaper pail (in my opinion). It accepts regular kitchen bags, so you don't have to buy expensive liners. It is easy to use, keeps out the smell (at least I have heard) and is easy to clean. And..mothers of girls will be happy to hear that they now make a pink and white version!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I wanted to confirm exactly which movies Disney is putting in the vault on January 31, 2008 and there really isn't any official information or statements from Disney online (that I can find). To the best of my knowledge these are the movies that they are taking off the shelves on the 31st:

  • Bambi
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Cinderella I, II and III
  • Aladdin I, II and III
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Jungle Book
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Alice in Wonderland

Like I said...I cannot confirm this for sure, but I figure it is better to be safe than sorry. If you want to own these movies and don't already, I would pick them up soon!

**I just saw on that if you preorder the movie "Enchanted" they will give you $10 off a Disney DVD. This might be fun if you plan to buy Enchanted. I haven't seen it, so I can't say.


I posted before about these darling shoes that are only $15, but now they are having a clearance for $10! The 2 shoes pictured above are both clearance shoes and I think they are so darling. Shipping is only $2.50. The best thing is that you can temporarily or permanently disable the squeaker. All of the sale shoes are toddler shoes and only go up to size 6. Check out the website: They accept paypal!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Okay...I am implementing a new rule. You are not allowed to view this blog without posting a comment! (Just teasing!) But seriously you guys. I have posted like 7 things in a row with no comments. Are you bored with me? Is there something else you want to hear about? I hate to admit it, but I do check quite often to see if anyone has commented and I really would appreciate it if you would leave a comment. (Even if I don't know you). I won't think you are crazy, I promise. So..please don't make me get on my knees. Just post a comment, already!


I actually vacuumed today (a small miracle) and it got me thinking that I should post about my vacuum (the Dyson). I used to think that it just had a good marketing scheme and wasn't worth $400. I swore I would never own one, but I got it for a good price back in September and decided to get one. The main reason I bought it is for the "telescoping wand" that extends 17 ft. so you can clean your stairs easily. I have been very happy with this vacuum and it really does have good suction as advertised. If you do decide to buy one, do not pay full price! The best place to buy a Dyson (unless there is a special deal/sale) is at Linens n' Things or Bed Bath and Beyond. This is because you can use their 20% off coupons on Dyson products. So..instead of $400, it would cost $320. A lot of money, but at least you aren't paying full price!

Tell me your thoughts! Do you have a vacuum you really like?


If you want to stay up on the toy recalls, you can go to to view the lists of all the recalled toys!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know that my posts are typically light hearted and silly, but I can't pass on the opportunity to post about the beloved Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Gordon B. Hinckley. He passed away this evening at 7:00 p.m. and although he was 97 years old and he is able to be rejoined with his wife, I am still a little sad. Although I have never met him, I feel a closeness to him that I cannot explain. He was such a sweet and good man. I love him and I am thankful for the service he gave to our Church and to God. It brings me peace to think of him reunited with his wife and other loved ones and also with God and Jesus Christ. You can read more about President Hinckley and his life here:
If you have questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you can go to the official church website: or another website from our church that answers questions about our church:
If you are not a member of our church and religion, I encourage you to learn more about us through our missionaries who serve throughout the world on a voluntary basis to be able to teach others about the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


There is a company called Real Deals Decor They pride themselves on having great Home Decor at a GREAT price. Their business model is to only be open 2 days a week. Typically on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They are primarily on the West Coast; Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, etc. I checked out their store in Holladay, Utah and was pretty impressed. They had some unique things and pretty good pricing. I told the owner I saw them on Good Things Utah and she said when I am ready to buy something that they will give me 15% off for mentioning it. So, if you go to a Utah location then tell about the discount!

SOUTH TOWNE GAP - Closing!!!

I don't get to the mall much these days, but I went today for a second and I saw that all of the Gap stores at South Towne Center in Sandy, Utah are CLOSING TODAY! Today was the last day and they are shutting their doors for good. The employee didn't know much about any future plans for the Gap to open somewhere else around town. I guess the Gap's lease was up and the mall raised their rent, so they decided to close. The whole thing is very suspicious to me. I am hoping they are secretly opening a killer store somewhere else close by, or even a Gap outlet (in my dreams). So...I am sure you already know, but just incase I thought I would pass on what I discovered.

Friday, January 25, 2008


If you have had a child you already know about these things, but if you are expecting your first child then you don't always know all the fun things out there. The first thing I would recommend is to sign up for the weekly updates on they track your baby's progress throughout the pregnancy and email you weekly with the updates. I still get the emails for my son and it is fun to read about what stage he is at. Everyone knows about "What to Expect When you are Expecting," but I also liked the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week." It is written by a Dr. and is more simplified. HAVE to buy "Baby Bargains." (See my previous post). You won't be disappointed!


I am in love with this book! It is where I turn to whenever I need to purchase any type of a baby item. It was soooo handy when I was expecting and had no idea what features to look for in baby items...cribs, mattresses, strollers, car seats, etc. They also have another version called "Toddler Bargains," but I haven't used it much so I can't say if I would recommend it yet. I love how they go through every item out there and then give them letter grades and tell you all of the pros and cons so you can formulate your own opinon. I usually agree with them on things, but not always. I cannot say enough about this invaluable resource! You can buy it most anywhere, just make sure you are buying the most current edition, the 7th edition! Here is their website: They also have message boards that people post info. on and the authors have a blog where they put updated info. and information on recalls and such.


I liked 2 bathtubs for my son. The first is the white one pictured above. It is very large, so it worked for a long time until my son was big enough to be in the big bathtub by himself. It is called the "Eurobath."
But...when he was really little I didn't love using the kitchen sink like some people, so I had another bathtub that is great too. The "Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub." Now that is a mouthful. I loved how it has a sling to cradle the baby so they aren't lying on the hard plastic when they are so little. It worked very well, but then he just got too cramped, but wasn't old enough to sit up in the big bathtub, so I needed the Eurobath too.
What did you do? Do you have any better options/suggestions? I would love to hear them!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My sister-in-law discovered these dvds awhile back. They are BABY GENIUS and kids really like them. They have a lot of fun songs. You can buy them most anywhere. Here is their website: They are only $10, but you could probably find them online cheaper. They also come with a music cd of the songs, which is a fun bonus. We have the Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Favorite Children's songs and my son likes both of them.

*Please leave a comment if you have a movie/show that you have found that we might now know about!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is a GREAT website that helps your kids with reading. My son is only 19 months, but he loves doing the ABC's on it and making the alphabet sounds. I learned about it from a friend who is a literacy specialist. is also a good site for kids.


This is the best swing on the market (in my opinion). It is the Fisher Price Papasan Swing. I love how is can swing from side to side like a cradle or front to back. It is very comfortable for the baby and I love the neutral colors. I have heard that people go through a lot of batteries, but we used ours a lot and we didn't. If you are worried about the batteries, then you can go with the Pink or Blue version of this swing because they have an AC adapter so you can plug the swing in. Those versions are a little more expensive.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Vintage hem are slips that have a darling hem that hangs below your skirt. They have all kinds of hems for different styles and needs. Check them out Also, Good Things Utah (the morning show in Utah on Channel 4) does a thing every Monday where they do a real deal and highlight a co. and offer gift certificates for half off. Vintage hem is on there, but there are only a few left if you want to get a Vintage Hem for half off on Vintage Hem's website.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

HUGS AND GIGGLES - Announcements

My friend has a website for her baby announcements and holiday cards. She has great designs and great prices. You can pay per card or they have a new thing where you can pay for the design and they email it to you. Then you can print it wherever you want. She will also do custom work if you have something specific in mind (this costs more). Check it out.

Friday, January 18, 2008


A friend suggested I do a post on these 2 cookbooks. The first helps to have good and healthy food choices for kids. Deceptively Delicious was written by Jerry Seinfield's wife and is full of recipes to help put vegetables in all types of foods and help you to get your kids to eat healthy.


My friend just told me about a battery powered nasal aspirator that is great! You can buy it online through Amazon, One Step Ahead and other sites. It is around $25, but she says it is awesome. Here is the description from
"NasalClear is the new battery operated nasal aspirator. It quickly, easily, and safely clears your baby's stuffy nose and helps her breathe more freely. The NasalClear aspirator provides you with suction that is stronger than that of a traditional manual aspirator, yet gentle enough to use safely and comfortably on your newborn or toddler. Battery operation lets you control the suction, so that you maintain the suction or release it as needed. It operates on 2 AA batteries and includes 2 different tips to accommodate different shaped nostrils and a variety of congestion conditions. The tips are made of soft silicone, making them comfortable for children of all ages. It comes apart for easy and thorough cleaning and is dishwasher safe. NasalClear includes a plastic collection cup that helps you evaluate your baby's level of congestion. Also, the aspirator plays 12 different children's tunes to help distract the baby while in use."


I LOVE this stainless steel cleaner. I looked for a good one for years and I found this at Sam's Club of all places (in Utah). That is the only place I have seen it for sale. the brand is Sprayway and their website doesn't show where you can buy it, so I am sorry if you don't have a membership or live in Utah. The best part about it is that it is cheap! $5.87 for 2 cans. I really like it because it isn't like the kinds that are a cream where it leaves part of your stainless steel a different color. This co. also makes a great glass cleaner that you can get at Sam's Club as well.


I am sure most of you know about but I feel like I should do a post just in case. If you ever get an email forward and you wonder if it is legit, then you can go to snopes to check it out. They will tell you if it is True or False and then give you the history behind the email forward. I have checked it for most forwards I have received and more often than not they are FALSE. It is such a great website!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water Softener - SALT DELIVERY

If you live in SALT LAKE or UTAH COUNTIES then you are in luck. My friend has a company that delivers salt for your water softener. They will carry it to wherever your water softener is and load the salt for you! It is so wonderful and we love the convenience! Now I don't have to nag my husband to go buy salt and I can have my nice soft water. Check them out at
I priced them out and they are MUCH cheaper than the competition. Other delivery companies charge an extra fee to do anything but leave it on your doorstep.


Although I feel there is no perfect diaper bag (especially not a one sizes fits all). We all have so many different needs and wants. I do love my diaper bag and I have to share. It is the FLEURVILLE SLING TOTE. You can read about the details on their website but here are the things that I love about it.
-It is stylish, yet functional
-It has a plastic exterior that you can wipe off, so it looks great even after lots of abuse
-It has great pockets for organization
-It comes with hooks that you put on your stroller handles and you can hang it from the
handles. (This is my favorite feature because it hangs up high on your handles so you can access it very easily while you are pushing your stroller and you aren't trying to cram it in the tiny stroller basket).
The main drawback is price! It is a steep $150! I of course did not and will not pay that, so I bought mine from Fleurville for less because it is one of their "flawed bags." You can also sometimes find good deals on ebay.


When my child was in an infant car seat last winter I got frustrated trying to keep him warm with blankets and then they would fall off on the ground when we were outside. I did some research and decided that the Bundle Me really is the best option out there. I recommend the URBAN BUNDLE ME. The outside is a quilted nylon to protect against wind and rain (and is easier to clean or wipe off) and the inside is a miscrosuede that is very soft and warm. It comes in a black, brown, gray or pink. They used to make it in green (and you can probably still find one). The infant size (to go in the infant car seat) is $49.95, but I found it online at REI for $35 (in the stealth color) and you can get free shipping if you have it sent to an REI store and then go pick it up.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Are you familiar with Discovery Toys? I used to think they were just overpriced toys that acted like they would make your kids smart because they were "educational." They are not cheap, but they are quality and the best thing is that you can order replacement parts. For instance, I bought a toy for my son for Christmas and he already lost one of the balls to it. I can now just order one of the balls (if this were a fisher price toy it would be wasted without a part). And they have a lifetime guarantee if something breaks or doesn't work right they will replace it FOR FREE. They also do help with children's development and they have toys for all ages and stages. I have actually become quite impressed with their toys as I have bought them for my son. The other thing I like is that they are age appropriate. A toy that said 6 months was actually appropriate for him and he loved it. The fisher price toys that said 6 months he didn't play with until 12 months.

Anyway...I decided to sign up to be a consultant since I love their stuff. I am not pushy and I won't ask to host a party at your home or call any of you about this! I will be placing an order because they are having an ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! If anyone wants to order then email me at scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com. I will probably place the order in a week or so.

You can view their clearance items through this link. It is their 30th birthday sale.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Larry Miller movie theatres do Movies on Mondays for Moms and kids. Kids 5 and under are free. They pick kid friendly movies and turn the sound down (so it isn't too loud for the kids) and dim the lights a little. This is at Jordan Commons, the Gateway, Thanksgiving Point and the District Megaplex movie theatres. And Moms pay matinee price. This week is PIRATES WHO DONT DO ANYTHING (a veggie tales movie). The movies are around 11:30 am or so. Check for more info.

BOUNCIN' OFF THE WALLS. They have Mom n' me on Wednesdays from 10:00-1:00 pm for kids 5 and under. Parents are free and kids are $5. It is at 9400 S. 398 W. Socks are required and long sleeves are recommended.


For those of you who know me, you know that I am obsessed with researching and buying baby gear. I have been into this before I even had children (I know I am crazy). Anyway, I get asked a lot which Toddler Car Seat I recommend. Car Seats and Strollers are like buying a car. Everyone has their opinions and features they want and certain cars/models appeal to them. So...I don't expect you all to agree with me. I think the best Toddler Car Seat is the BRITAX MARATHON. Here is the information on it from Britax's website:

"The Britax Marathon™ is the number one selling Britax convertible child seat and is ideal for parents seeking premium comfort and a higher, forward-facing weight capacity. The tangle-free, five-point harness and push-button LATCH connectors help to tightly secure your child every day. Unique features include the patented Versa-Tether® for energy management, and rear and forward facing recline for child comfort and positioning. The Marathon fits children rear facing from five to 33 pounds and children forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds, up to 65."
I love that it can go up to 65 lbs. and is tall enough for children to be comfortable in for quite awhile. Some other brands I have seen the kids are too tall for them at age 2! Although it is pricey and retails for $269, you can find some good deals on 2007 models right now. Follow this link to and you will see one for $219.99 (w/ free shipping)

If you want a girly pattern, the Ashley Floral and Olivia patterns are on sale at

*This car seat is big, so it might not fit in small cars very well, but you could check out the Britax Diplomat designed for smaller cars.

YEAR MEMBERSHIPS...things to do with Kids in UTAH!

I am going crazy with the cold weather and need some things to do to get out! Yes...there are free things, but below I have listed some things I have found that I am planning on doing and hope this information is helpful to someone (since it was a lot of work to type!) So...if anyone wants to go to any of these places, give me a call!

For myself (with 1 child under age 3) it is a pretty good deal. Their "Property" membership is $55 for an adult and kids 2 and under are free. (I figure when my husband comes we can just pay for him individually, since I will take my child a lot during weekdays). If you want a membership for one child age 3-11, it is $45. If you want the family membership it is 2 adults and all children under 18 in the household for $175. This membership is a great option as it gets you into the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, Museum of Ancient Life and Farm Country.


I have not been here yet. I have heard that adults aren't too impressed, but that the kids love it (especially younger children). The best thing about it is that it is affordable. $15 for a year pass for an adult and $9 for a child. Kids 2 and under are free. And they will apply your ticket price toward the membership. For example, when you go the first time and pay $8, then they will only charge you an additional $7 to get the membership and you can come back an unlimited number of times all year long.


It isn't the cheapest membership, but it is very fun and entertaining for a variety of ages. We actually went there today and had a good time. You can check out their website for the variety of membership options: but for one year it is $115 for 2 adults and 2 children. And you can use this to get your friends in for free.

You can buy season passes to Seven Peaks water park for half off right now (in my experience they run this promotion until Memorial Day). You can buy them on their website: you need to use "website" as your promotion code. The price is $46.95. Ages 3 and under are free. I cannot tell if there is a discounted price for ages 3-11 or if they are charged the $46.95 (you would have to call and ask on this one).

Monday, January 7, 2008


I decided I need to get some more of my FAVORITE perfume of all time, Hanae Mori. I went online to find the best price. It retails at Nordstrom for $80 for a 3.4 oz. bottle. I did some searching and decided ebay is the best place to buy. I found it for $40 (including shipping). 50% off! Just make sure you get a brand new in the box sealed bottle (not a tester). There are a bunch of other website out there that sell perfume cheap, but they seem pretty sketchy and I felt it would be safer to use Ebay as they have to answer to the rating system and such. Just be sure to always use a credit card when shopping online as if you get "taken" you can always dispute the charge with the credit card company and they can duke it out with the other co. By the way, you can get all kinds of perfume. You don't have to get my favorite (although you should try it out). It is very mild and not too floral if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


If any of you have T-mobile, then this post is for you. If you are on their $39.99 plan and only get 1000 minutes, they are running a promo for that plan where you get 1500 minutes for that price. If you are a current customer, just call customer service and tell them you want that plan. They only run this promotion every so often, so it is good to get it when you can. It is an extra 500 minutes a month for the same price. If you are thinking about switching to T-mobile, this is a good plan to get also.