Sunday, December 30, 2007

BUMBO is Back!

First of all...I know I was a crazy blogger today. I just got on a roll and figured I needed to make up for lost time, so enjoy!

I know many of you have heard of the Bumbo, but did you know it was recalled? Don't is the dumbest recall I have ever seen. People were using it on high surfaces and not watching their children and I guess kids got hurt from falling out. I have also heard that some crazy people were using it as a car seat. Anyway, it was only recalled so they could make better WARNING labels telling people to not be idiots when using it. Anyway, if you want to find one it is quite tricky. They are very hard to find in stores right now! You can order them online, however. If you haven't heard of the Bumbo. It is great! It helps your baby sit up long before they can sit up on their own. We started using ours around 3 1/2 months (if I remember correctly).


I have yet to find a child who did not LOVE this toy for their 1st birthday. My son still loves it (and it has been 6 months). It is great because it allows a child to walk behind it and push it or put it together so they can ride on it. It has fun music and things to entertain the child. Check it out here


I just learned about a great website where people sell things that they make. It is I am sure you have all heard of it already (I am a little slow sometimes), but I thought I would pass on the info. You can find anything you can dream up. I found some darling beanies that people crochet. Of course they are for girls...there are 2 sellers I found that I like. One has a visor style and the other a traditional beanie, but they both crochet darling flowers on them. They are great for the cold weather this winter...

The 2 sellers I like are lovelyknits and pdxbeanies.

DISNEY DVDs - Vault closes January 31st!

**See my new post on January 29th for updated movies that are going into the Disney vault on January 31st

Many of you may know about this (especially if you have children), but Disney occassionally puts their movies in what they call "the vault" and will stop making the movies for awhile, and then they will put it out at a later date to create hype about it and generate more revenue. There are a few movies that are going in the vault on January 31st. Cinderella, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and Sword in the Stone. This week at Best Buy you can buy several Disney DVDs (including the ones listed above) and buy 2 save $5 or Buy 3 and save $15. Here is the link to Best Buy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I really like these cabinet locks to keep kiddos out. The reason I like them are:
-The do not drill into your cabinet. They have a strong adhesive backing instead.
-The use a magnetic key that you just hold up to the cabinet where the lock is
located and it pulls the lock down so you can open the cabinet.
-You can disengage the lock so that when the children aren't around the cabinet
is not locked and you don't need the magnetic key.

The only negative is the price. They are not cheap, but they are worth it to me to not have to drill holes in my cabinets and try to shove my finger in the cabinet and press down on a lock everytime I want to get in my cabinets. Some of you have sweet little children that never get into cabinets. Unfortunately, I have a very curious child that would get into every cabinet without a lock, so I finally had to put them on every cabinet in my kitchen and even a few drawers!

You can get them online or at Babies R' Us online or in the store. I would recommend buying them in the store in case you have a problem with them and need to return them. The locks and the keys are sold separately unless you buy the starter set with the key. The most cost effective was is to buy the 4 pack for $25 and the key for $7.

One last a few keys and store them on something metal so the magnet sticks to it. We store ours in a drawer on the screws inside from the cabinet handles.

ONE MORE THING...I know these seem confusing, but the key the picture shows is just the magnet you hold up to you cabinet to unlock them. It isn't on there all the time. I hope that helps.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am enjoying my personal is a fun outlet to post fun things I hear or learn
about and pass that on to all of you. And if you don't care or don't want to hear about
something, then you don't have to look at the blog or read it.

So...I am asking for all of you to let me know if you ever hear about something so
I can pass it on. I would love it if you all had a blog to pass on your great ideas and
opinions, but since you all have more of a life than I do, I will have the blog and you
can help contribute through me.


I met this lady at a boutique last weekend and she sells the most darling shoes.
They are squeaky shoes (they squeak when the child walks), but don't worry there
is a little round plastic piece you can take out of the shoe so they don't squeak.
I just thought they were darling shoes and such a good price. Only $15 for any
of the shoes. She ships for around $2.50 a pair (I think). Anyway, I have seen
these same shoes on other websites for $26 or $28, so even though her site is
pretty basic. You save quite a bit. She has cute sandals too.

Monday, December 10, 2007


This company does those digital scrapbooks, but the thing that stood out to me
is that you can make boards books out of you pictures (you know the books you
buy for kids). I thought it was so much fun. I have looked around and I haven't
seen another company that makes the board books. Cute, huh?

TATER TOT Hair Clips..

My friend Chelsea just started making these adorable hair clips.
Check out her blog for the info. She has more color choices and designs than
I could ever dream of!


My sister in law makes cute hair flower clips for girls. She also
makes head bands and hats out of a stretchy crochet material
and has winter beanies for little girls that you can clip the flowers