Monday, March 31, 2008


There is a fun clothing brand called Dogwood that is entirely for boys. They specialize in hip and durable boy clothing, but the best part is (if you live in Utah) that they are based in Utah and they have a warehouse you can shop at to pay wholesale prices.

Here is the info.:
3855 SOUTH 500 WEST STE. F


I used both of these items for my son and loved them. The first is the Baby Einstein playmat. We received it from a friend and I did not realize how essential it would become. My son loved it from 2 1/2 weeks on. He loved to stare up at the star that has lights and music. We definitely got our use out of this toy.

The second item is the Baby Einstein Activity Center My son loved this toy! It was a lot of fun for him. He learned 2 of his first words from this toy (Duck and Dog).

The toys pictured above are the newest versions. We had the older versions of both of these (but they are virtually the same, just different colors and patterns, mostly).

There are a lot of fun playmats and activity centers out there and all baby items work differently for each child, but we loved them!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was just called to be the Nursery Coordinator in my LDS ward (we have 4 nurseries because our ward is so large). We are going to be going to a brand new building in 2 weeks and we do not have any toys for the nurseries (ages 18 months to 3 years). Does anyone have any toys that are in good condition that they would like to donate? If so, email me and I would be happy to pick them up (as long as it isn't too far of a drive :)
scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com. If you live by me...please spread the word that we need to start collecting toys for the new church building.

UPDATE: We are doing okay with toys unless you have a slide, basketball hoop or kitchen you would like to donate.

On another note, I was also called to be a Primary music specialist and I will be the Junior Primary Chorister. I LOVE the Primary Chorister calling. I have done it twice before I am very passionate about it. If anyone has any fun ideas email me and we will swap info.!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have to share with you an awesome blog I came across. It is called Creamy Clothing. She posts all of the fun clothes out there from different brands and companies and it is amazing. I never have time to shop for myself anymore, but it is fun to see at a quick glance on her blog what is out there. And she just started doing Creamy Kids where she posts the fun clothes out there for kids.


Kinder Winkel is a new Children's boutique in Sandy, Utah across from South Towne Mall next to Pei Wei and Costa Vita. They are doing a deal right now where you can bring in the above coupon and get 20% off any Tea Collection purchase through April 5th. Tea Collection has some cute clothes for boys and girls.

Friday, March 28, 2008

AAA Membership

I should work for AAA because I am such a huge fan of AAA and believe everyone that owns a car should have a AAA membership. AAA sells car insurance, homeowner's insurance, etc., but what I am talking about is a AAA membership.

It gets you discounts at so many places..(too many to mention here you will have to look at their site). A few that I like are great discounts on hotels, Hertz rental car, 10% off, 15% off Linens n' Free parking at Disneyland. The list goes on and on. In some states you can even buy discounted movie tickets. You can also get free road maps and guide books.

I love the Discounts offered by AAA, but the main reason I have a membership is for their road side service. Unlike other companies (like Onstar) that just call assistance for you. AAA not only calls for help, but they cover the cost! You can get your tire changed, car towed, keys unlocked out of your car, gas brought to you if you run out! You can have 4 calls per card per year. I love the peace of mind I have from AAA while driving on the road with my son. I blew a tire on the freeway a few years back while I was alone at night. AAA sent someone right away and I stayed in my car while the tire was changed. I was back on the road 40 minutes after I called them.

A membership costs $56 for one person and $26 to add an additional card (for a child or spouse). There is also a $17 one time membership fee to join. You will more than pay back the cost of the card with all of the discounts and emergency service. *These prices are for UT. The vary from State to State.

*Are you convinced? You all better go out and get a membership today!!


The Albertsons in South Jordan, UT at 3709 W. South Jordan Parkway (10400 S.) - near Daybreak - is closing on April 17th. There are some good sales and they will continue to mark things down as it gets closer to the close date.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I think this new Candy Land Castle Game looks like fun. It is a simple sorting and matching game. Do any of you have it?


March 28th and 29th is the Baby Day Expo at the South Towne Expo Center. It is $8 bucks to get in. Click here for a $2 off coupon. There are over 100 vendors and there are prizes and such. I went last year (the first year they did this, I believe) and it was LAME. It should be a lot better this year. It looks like they have better vendors and more of them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Platinum car wash in Draper and West Jordan is doing a special right now where you can buy 5 platinum washes (inside and out) for half off - $44.88 + tax. It is one of the Utah's Real Deals, but they are sold out, so you can buy them in person by March 31st at either location. You just have to mention ABC4. *One per customer.


Discovery Toys is having a Spring Break Sale and all these items in the sale are at least 50% off! It goes on while supplies last or through April 26th. Some of these items are Playskool, but they are made for Discovery Toys.

And as with all Discovery Toys you get their lifetime guarantee on the toys as well as the ability to order replacement parts if you lose a part.

I am a consultant (basically to order my own toys since I love them so much). Email me if you want me to place an order for you. scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com. I can have them shipped directly to you if you don't live by me!

Here are a few of the toys on sale. I thought the Sidewalk Spiro looked like fun and would be a fun friend birthday gift.

UPDATE: Sidewalk Spiro sold out!

Fun Tunes Tractor - $12.50

Spin n' pop arcade - $20

Sidewalk Spiro - $7.50 - SOLD OUT!

They also have an whole new Spring Catalog with lots of new and fun summer items!


I posted on this for my 2nd post ever (150 posts ago), so I decided I needed to post it again. I love these disposable placemats called Table Toppers. They have an adhesive to stick to restaurant tables so you don't have to put your child's food on the dirty table. You can find them at Babies r' Us, Target, etc. I even saw them at my grocery store the other day. The aren't cheap, though. About 20 of them cost around $8, but they are definitely worth it. There are some other brands out there too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Oopsy Daisy Baby has such darling pettiskirts. They have a lot of different choices and even some animal prints. The Sweet Life in the Valley blog is yet again doing an awesome contest and is giving away one this week! Enter by Thursday


Twice a year the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hold a world wide conference where they speak to the members of the Church. It is coming up on April 5th and 6th. It is very uplifting, but it is hard sometimes for adults to pay attention with their children around.

There is a girl who put together a FREE packet to entertain kids during General Conference. There are separate packets for older and younger kids. They are posted on the main page of Follow this link or scroll down to find it.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are a few websites that I have heard are fun for toddlers/kids. Let us know if you know of any others.

- already posted on this one - great for pre-reading)







Saturday, March 22, 2008


I hope everyone has wonderful Easter! I know we all have different beliefs, but I am thankful for my belief and knowledge of Jesus Christ and his atonement and resurrection that allows all mankind to be forgiven of our sins and live again after we die. If you would like to read about Christ during this Easter season, I encourage you to visit

Friday, March 21, 2008


I found these darling Goal/Chore charts on Etsy. They will customize them for your child from the header to the chores you want too. I think they are so cute! I feel it is important to give children a feeling of accomplishing things and seeing the benefits of it. Don't we all love checking items off a list?


I am sure you have all seen them, but they have some really fun pre-filled plastic eggs at the stores now. Nestle makes a package called the "Wonka Egg Hunt" and it has a golden egg in it that you can hide and they also make a package that has some glow in the dark eggs and such. How fun (and convenient to have them already filled and ready to hide)! I also saw that you can buy larger eggs that are pre-filled with match box cars, Disney Princesses, Sesame Street characters, etc.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This darling Bee Bop Band is on sale this week at Target. It is normally $21 and it is $15. I love how it is a drum and the instruments all fit inside. I got it for my son who loves music and instruments.


I came across this darling site called My favorite thing are the stickers that are made to go on a dollar bill. You place it over the President's face and it looks like it is officially a Tooth Fairy dollar. The best part is that the sticker comes right off if you child wants to spend it. The image is copyrighted so you will have to go on their site and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, you are going to think I am either crazy or a complete genius on this one. Have you heard of Mom calling cards/business cards? Living in a new area it seems like I am meeting a lot of new people lately. In the nice would it be to just exchange a quick card with our contact info. (and of course blog address) and be off. (Instead of writing on an old receipt from the bottom of my diaper bag or a napkin). So..I went online to find some options. There are actually a lot of fun sites that make these cards, but sometimes they can be $.50-1.00 a piece.

I went on and made some of their free business cards (you just have to pay shipping. I think it was around $5.50). The only drawback to Vista Print is that there are only 40 designs in their free line. It didn't bother me, but they don't have a lot of fun designs for a mom. You also have to have their website and info. on the back of the free cards. get 250 cards (I am sure I will NEVER be able to use that many, but oh well).

I found the cards pictured above on Etsy for a great price compared to many others online. $7.00 for 25 with $1.50 shipping. Their store is

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Alex Toys has a lot of great toys, but I would like to highlight their bath toys. They have soooo many fun bath toys. They are so creative and fun that your kids will never want to get out of the bath tub. It seems like they sell mostly in specialty toy stores, but I saw a few at Target. I thought the boats above were fun because they have magnetic connectors to link them together. And how can you resist the princess bath set!
*They have a huge selection of all Alex Toys at the Red Balloon Toys stores in Utah where everything is 20% off until this Friday.


There is another boutique coming up in Orem on April 26th. It is called the Little Bee Craft Boutique. They will have over 80 vendors. I know it isn't for awhile, but I thought I would post about it incase any of you would want to be a vendor. They are full of vinyl lettering, bows and jewelry, but will consider any others. Check out their site!

Monday, March 17, 2008


There are some good toy deals at Target and Toys R' Us this week.
Toys R' Us - Free Fisher-Price toy priced up to $19.99
w/ purchase of a Fisher-Price toy totaling $19.99 or more
This week at Target their preschool games are only $4!
Memory, Candy Land, HiHo Cherry-O, Cootie, Chutes & Ladders, etc.


Combi USA, Inc. of Fort Mill, SC has decided to conduct a voluntary safety recall of the Centre, Centre ARB and Shuttle (Model # 8065, 8074, 8086, 8087and 8520) and associated Travel Systems containing Centre and Shuttle (Model # 4400, 4515, 4520). This recall includes the entire production of this model from October 2005 through December 2007. No other models are affected. This link will give you all the info. you need.


Munire's Majestic Curved Top and Flat Top Cribs, Essex Cribs, Brighton/Sussex Cribs and Captiva Cribs have been voluntarily recalled. The cribs fail to meet the federal safety standards for cribs. The four support brackets on the mattress support spring are too long. The brackets prevent the spring from lowering to the full 26 inchminimum height in its lowest position, allowing children inside to crawl over the railing, posing a fall hazard. No accidents or injuries have been reported. Only cribs with manufacture dates between November 1, 2005 and November1, 2007 are included in the recall. Follow this link for more information.


This Wendy Bellissimo Hidden Hills Collection Drop-Side Crib from Bassettbaby has been recalled. It was sold at Babies R' Us from Novemeber 2007 to January 2008. Spindles on the drop-side of the crib could loosen creating a gap that poses an entrapment and strangulation hazard. No injuries have been reported yet. Follow this link for the info.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


On February 26th the NYPD did a huge raid on Canal Street and all of the shops that sell the knock off purses and such. I don't know what will come of all of it, but I thought I would pass on the info. for those of you who don't know (in case you have a trip to NY planned soon). I would assume that there will be tighter security on these shops from now on and the people purchasing the items can get in huge trouble with big fines, so be careful....


Have you ever looked at I had heard of it, but never visited because I don't sew and thought it wouldn't be helpful to me Well..if you sew there are some great things on there, but there are also other things you can make without sewing. The patterns on this site cost money (help support stay at home moms!), but until March 21st you can get the pattern for the bag pictured above for free. I think this site is such a fun idea because I do not believe in reinventing the wheel. If someone else has done the work and knows the best way to do/make something then why not learn from them! *Thanks Kati for the tip.

*Use code PYP10 through 3/31 to get 10% off your order at

Friday, March 14, 2008


Did you know that carries Designer Jeans now? Isn't that so cool! How can you not LOVE Costco. Thanks, Jana for the tip!


Horton Hears a Who comes out in Theatres today. It is a remake of an older version of this movie based on the Dr. Seuss book as well. I am excited to see it. I hope it is as cute as I am expecting it to be. If you see it, leave a comment and let us all know!

I am thinking about going to the Movies on Mondays (MOMs) at the Megaplex Theatres this Monday to see it. Moms are $5 and kids 5 and under are free. They turn up the lights a little and turn the sound down (to not make our kids deaf). We should all meet up and see it! (at the District in South Jordan). Let me know if you are interested. It is at 10:40 at the District, 11:30 at Thanksgiving Point. Jordan Commons doesn't show the time for the MOMs show yet.


The Red Balloon Toy Store is so darling. They have so many great toys. I love specialty toy stores. I have always been drawn to them for some reason. They have locations in American Fork, Sandy and Salt Lake City, Utah.

They are having an Easter sale right now through March 22nd for 20% off everything in the store that is full price.

They sell Plasma cars too, so if you want to buy one it would only be $55!


There is a Women's clothing sale this Saturday by Thanksgiving Point. The company is called Purple Polka Dot and they are going to have some darling/hip clothes at awesome prices! Fun trench coats for $35. Burnout tees and t-shirts from $8.50-18. Etc.! Here is the info:

-Variety of fashion tops and jeans
-Spring jackets, t-shirts, dressy tops
-Miss Me jeans and leggings
P.S. (They will have a few of my friend's Love Mom bags mentioned in my earlier post). They are large handbags that are hand made of thick tapestry like fabric and they are amazing...

When: Saturday, March 15, Noon- 6:00pm
Where: The Gables at Thanksgiving Point Clubhouse
2602 N. Sunset View (2825 W.) in Lehi (near golf course)

Directions: Exit on the Highland/Alpine exit and head West. Follow this road and you will pass a Maverik gas station and a bunch of office buildings, including Xango. If you keep following that road straight, you'll go over a little bridge and turn left at the stop sign on the edge of the bridge. You will now be passing the golf course and the train tracks. After you pass the golf course, you will turn right on Sunset View. Follow that road and it winds down right in front of the clubhouse.

Host: Whitnie Casaday de Haan, Owner, Purple Polka Dot

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So...I am a small little blog out here on the world wide web. I really just started this for a few friends, but it has caught on and now I think my loyal readers visit more often than some of my close friends. Which is fine, but I feel like I am writing to a lot of you that I don't know. Which is also fine (wonderful really), but I would LOVE to meet some of you. (Or at least hear from you, I guess).

So, if you haven't commented yet, I hope you will leave a comment here to introduce yourself or just say hi. It will only take a second and it will make my day!


I need someone out there that is good at computer design to do me a BIG favor! I have a friend that makes amazing purses and I want to create a blog for her and possibly set her up on Etsy. She is not computer savvy at all, so she is dragging her feet a little. Before I do all this I need a little logo for her. Are there any kind souls out there that would be willing to do this for free for me?! I know I am pathetic to ask for this for free, but hey...I do this blog for all of you for free, right? Anyway, it would be a super simple and easy logo. I think we are going to call the company "Love Mom." That is what she sews in the purses for her daughters and I think it is so sweet. I am envisioning a simple heart and then the word "Mom" in some type of cursive font.

So..are any of you up to the challenge??? Don't make me beg :)


I can't wait to buy a Plasma Car for my son when he is a little older (for ages 3-103). I think he will have so much fun with it (but I am excited to use it too)! It doesn't have batteries, pedals or gears. You just constantly turn the wheel back and forth and it moves (like magic). Check out the video on their website. You can find it online and at a lot of specialty toy stores. The have them in Utah at the Red Balloon Toy Stores and Discovery Gateway as well as many other places. (Those are just the 2 I know about). And you can of course find it on Amazon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Gizmobies are an adhesive protectant for your Ipod. They make them for all Ipod models. They help protect it from scratches and also make it slip resistant. The other neat thing is that even though they are adhesive they do not leave a residue and they are easy to apply or remove. They sell them sometimes at mall kiosks or on their website. I have the one above!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am sooo excited about this I can hardly stand it. My friend is going to be teaching bow making classes in the Utah area. She is SO talented and is willing to share her tips and secrets at amazing bows, headbands, flowers, etc. Read below for her words of exactly what she is doing. I am going to have her do a class at my home in South Jordan (let me know if you are interested in coming as there are only 10 spots). I haven't decided on a date yet. (but I am going to have her teach us how to make tutus too).

UPDATE: I have decided on Saturday, April 12th from 11:30-1:30 to hold the bow making class at my home. The class is now FULL. I think I might do another class, though. Email me if you are interested scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com

(and email Kati if you want to hold a class for all your friends!)

Words from Kati:

I have had my own hair bow/baby accessories business for a few years now. It has been amazing and I have loved every minute of it. I have been very fortunate to have success in this business with some upscale boutiques and clients...but I am ready to move on. My new business is taking all my attention and creativity right now, but I would like to pass on the knowledge.

Hair bows are the big thing right now and I am thinking about teaching some classes to share all the things that the "pros" don't want you to know. I am in Utah and I would be willing to drive anywhere from Sandy/Midvale area to Springville/Spanish Fork. The class would have to have at least 8 people, no more than 10 to a class. All materials will be provided. We will be making at least 5 projects.

FREE Bonus class...
**learn to make tutus!**Any interest?If so, send me an email to...

I will send you a detailed description with pictures of what the class will teach. Pricing info will be sent upon this request. I will offer a discount to the first class it will be a trial run!

Some of the instruction would include...

lining clips
attaching flowers to clips
the secrets to the nylon headband
classic boutique bow -
using MY own unique method, to getting perfect loops every time.
stacking bows
knotted centers
secrets to making your clips "no slip"
best online supply stores
Secrets to starting and being successful in the business
I will share it all and hold nothing back....for a look at just a small fraction of my work...go to
I started an etsy store to try and down-scale my business. This is pretty much the only place I am selling my stuff for the time being.


Cranium Bloom ia a new line of preschool games, books, puzzles, and toys by the popular Cranium Company. They are sold exclusively at Target (and they are on sale this week). They have so many darling games...I don't know how you would ever choose. You might just have to buy them all!


Now through March 15th all Little Tikes toys priced up to $24.99 are buy one get one free at Toys R' Us (online and in store).

Monday, March 10, 2008


Gigis for Girls is a company that sells darling lace leggings and velvet hats with flowers (pictured above). They also make head bands and what they call Helmet duvets (covers for bike helmets with a flower on them). I think the leggings are my favorite!

The Sweet Life in the Valley blog is giving away a Gigis hat, a headband, lace leggings and a helmet duvet (all together) this coming Friday. Check out their blog for details.


There is a boutique later this week in Pleasant Grove, Utah called the Holy Cow boutique. Here are the details:

March 12-15th (Wednesday - Saturday)
9 am - 8 pm (W-F), 9 am-5 pm (Saturday)
Pleasant Grove Rec. Center (65. E. 200 S.)

Check out The Holy Cow boutique blog . You can print off a card to enter to win dinner for 2 to the Pizza Factory (one of my favorite restaurants).

I went in person and there were a lot of fun things! A little tricky to find if you don't know the area very well, but just be sure you are in Pleasant Grove and follow the coordinates.

Here are the upcoming dates for 2008:
May 7-10
September 24-27
November 19-22

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Kindermusik is such a great program. They have around 5,000 educators and are in 66 countries. It is a program for moms to take their kids to that teaches music and movement. I am a huge believer of the impact music can have on children. They have classes in different age groups: 0-18 months, 18m - 3 years, 3-5, 5-7, etc. They do it in 16 week semesters, but you can join a semester late and they will prorate your money. I have heard great things about a lot of their educators, but we go to Paulette Hendrick in South Jordan and she is wonderful! If you want to preview a class to see/learn what Kindermusik is all about, go on their website and find an educator in your area and contact them. You (and your kids) will love it!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

Swaddle Designs

Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me

Before I was a mom I didn't realize how important swaddling is to newborns. We got by with the blankets we had, but next time I think I might like to try a true swaddle blanket. Here are a few that I found...I would love your feedback on them or if you have any others you would like to recommend. Kiddopotamus makes the Swaddle Me blanket. They also make a Luxe version now that is only at Babies R' Us. (It is so soft, but it is warmer too so you would want to be careful to not overheat the baby). Swaddle Designs has a lot of fun options, but it seems to be more of just a regular blanket that is maybe larger to help with swaddling. Halo Sleepsack makes a swaddle blanket that seems like a sleepsack on the bottom, but has arms to swaddle.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I need some toy/gift ideas for my son's 2nd birthday in a few months. My sister turned me onto the Bilibo and I think I will get one. It was designed in Switzerland. It is hard to just have to go on their website and watch the video and look at the pictures. It is very simple, but can serve a lot of purposes and help children use their imagination. You can buy just one or two to lock together. They also make a mini bilibo.

*Can anyone give me any more ideas for fun gifts for a 2 year old? I am thinking about buying a trike. Radio Flyer makes a cute one with a removable handle in back and a little bucket. I think it is made to copy the Kettler Kettrike. The Kettler trikes seem great, but they are expensive. Does anyone know if it is worth the price? Do you have a bike/trike you recommend for a 2 year old (or should I wait until he is older)? Any advice would be appreciated.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My son has luckily not had a problem with ear infections, but I wonder if the Ear Check device would help some of you. It helps you see fluid in your children's ears (a common sign of an ear infection). I haven't asked my pediatrician about it yet, so I am not sure what the professionals think of this, but I think it is worth looking into.


Williams Sonoma has a darling kids line with tons of fun things to make or cook with kids. They have a bunch of these cute cake pans with cars, trains, bugs, etc. My cousin and her kids made the trains and had so much fun (at least it looked like it on their blog!). The car pan above is on sale right now for $13.99 (normally $34).

And for those cooking novices like myself, there is an instructional video on how to decorate them on their site. Brilliant!

*UPDATE: The cake pan above is now sold old, but they have others that are darling and I am sure they will periodically go on sale.