Friday, January 25, 2008


If you have had a child you already know about these things, but if you are expecting your first child then you don't always know all the fun things out there. The first thing I would recommend is to sign up for the weekly updates on they track your baby's progress throughout the pregnancy and email you weekly with the updates. I still get the emails for my son and it is fun to read about what stage he is at. Everyone knows about "What to Expect When you are Expecting," but I also liked the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week." It is written by a Dr. and is more simplified. HAVE to buy "Baby Bargains." (See my previous post). You won't be disappointed!

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Tyler's Mom said...

Karen...I found your site on my friend Jocelyn's Blog. This is fantastic!!! I have to add my two cents about books when you are pregnant. I was given "The Pregnancy Bible" and LOVED it!!! I have now given it to three friends and lent my copy out numerous times. This book is a must!!!