Monday, January 14, 2008


Are you familiar with Discovery Toys? I used to think they were just overpriced toys that acted like they would make your kids smart because they were "educational." They are not cheap, but they are quality and the best thing is that you can order replacement parts. For instance, I bought a toy for my son for Christmas and he already lost one of the balls to it. I can now just order one of the balls (if this were a fisher price toy it would be wasted without a part). And they have a lifetime guarantee if something breaks or doesn't work right they will replace it FOR FREE. They also do help with children's development and they have toys for all ages and stages. I have actually become quite impressed with their toys as I have bought them for my son. The other thing I like is that they are age appropriate. A toy that said 6 months was actually appropriate for him and he loved it. The fisher price toys that said 6 months he didn't play with until 12 months.

Anyway...I decided to sign up to be a consultant since I love their stuff. I am not pushy and I won't ask to host a party at your home or call any of you about this! I will be placing an order because they are having an ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! If anyone wants to order then email me at scoffieldk{at}gmail{dot}com. I will probably place the order in a week or so.

You can view their clearance items through this link. It is their 30th birthday sale.

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