Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is the best swing on the market (in my opinion). It is the Fisher Price Papasan Swing. I love how is can swing from side to side like a cradle or front to back. It is very comfortable for the baby and I love the neutral colors. I have heard that people go through a lot of batteries, but we used ours a lot and we didn't. If you are worried about the batteries, then you can go with the Pink or Blue version of this swing because they have an AC adapter so you can plug the swing in. Those versions are a little more expensive.


Jacy said...

I totally agree! We have this swing and Brody loved swinging side to side, which you can't do with the other swings!

Geoff and Joy said...

I love it!! Paityn only likes to swing side to side.

Melynda said...

We have this swing and love it. I am using it right now for my 7 month old to sleep in because she has a bad cold. I believe it's a must have for any new baby.