Thursday, January 24, 2008


My sister-in-law discovered these dvds awhile back. They are BABY GENIUS and kids really like them. They have a lot of fun songs. You can buy them most anywhere. Here is their website: They are only $10, but you could probably find them online cheaper. They also come with a music cd of the songs, which is a fun bonus. We have the Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Favorite Children's songs and my son likes both of them.

*Please leave a comment if you have a movie/show that you have found that we might now know about!


Melynda said...

So I love your site, I think it's such a great idea. You can also find the Baby Genius movies with Comcast On Demand, you go to On Demand, Kids, Baby Boost, and Baby Genius. My three year old loves these! Just one way to get them for free.

Karen said...

That is so great to know. Thanks!

Amy said...

I've also bought some at Ross for like $3 or $4. We have the Zoo one and my girls love it.