Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I posted before about these darling shoes that are only $15, but now they are having a clearance for $10! The 2 shoes pictured above are both clearance shoes and I think they are so darling. Shipping is only $2.50. The best thing is that you can temporarily or permanently disable the squeaker. All of the sale shoes are toddler shoes and only go up to size 6. Check out the website: They accept paypal! http://www.hstrial-kerickson3.homestead.com/


Geoff and Joy said...

good deal, but those would bug the heck out of me!!!

Kati said...

I just bought my daughter a pair of the red ones at a place on Lehi main street called "Pioneer Party". The day I bought them, they had a coupon for 40% off any one item in the store, so...I got my pair for about $7! They are super cute and my daughter LOVES them! I don't know how to disable them. I need to learn how though...cause they are kind of annoying at some places. Although I don't think she would wear them anymore if the squeaker broke.

((Kathryn's SIL))

Karen said...

Thanks for the info., Kati. I am surprised they sell them there. What a find for you! You take out the little plastic circle in the heel to disable the squeak. You can put it back in, though. (I actually have not tried to do this yet, though)Thanks for checking out the blog (and for commenting!)