Wednesday, January 16, 2008


When my child was in an infant car seat last winter I got frustrated trying to keep him warm with blankets and then they would fall off on the ground when we were outside. I did some research and decided that the Bundle Me really is the best option out there. I recommend the URBAN BUNDLE ME. The outside is a quilted nylon to protect against wind and rain (and is easier to clean or wipe off) and the inside is a miscrosuede that is very soft and warm. It comes in a black, brown, gray or pink. They used to make it in green (and you can probably still find one). The infant size (to go in the infant car seat) is $49.95, but I found it online at REI for $35 (in the stealth color) and you can get free shipping if you have it sent to an REI store and then go pick it up.