Thursday, April 17, 2008


I bought these Melissa & Doug Nesting blocks for my son for his 2nd birthday (which isn't until June, but I have an obsession with buying things for him). I bought them at Toys R' Us and they were only $9.99. I think he will have fun with them (mostly the knocking down part) and I like how they have the alphabet on them. *Thanks to Jen V. for the suggestion!

I am also intrigued by these other Nesting blocks called Dado Cubes. They interlock and also nest inside of each other (for easy storage and fun).

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Jen said...

Hey Karen--

It was fun to see you last night at the game! Your blog is really cute, what great ideas and tips--I work with little people even though I don't have kids, I like all of your information! Maybe you could do a post about the "Walk for Autism" it is at Cottonwood High School on May 3rd. It is a great way for people to come learn more about autism and be supportive in their community. Check out this website for more info.

Keep in touch--Jen Macfarlane (Perry)