Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I forgot to mention 2 more reasons why I like The Children's Place. You can return items up to 6 months later with a receipt. I love it because sometimes I am not sure what size my son will be (especially in pants) so I just buy both sizes and then return them down the road. You just have to be on the ball and keep your receipts organized. Staple them to the tag of the clothes if you have to.

The other thing I love is that they always mail out 15% and sometimes 20% off coupons (get on their mailing list - in the store or online). If you don't have a coupon with you when you are in the store ask them if they have a coupon they will give you and they will almost always give you the 15% off! You have to physically have the coupon to get 20% off.

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