Monday, April 14, 2008


My friend is a partner in this new company called Dilly Dally that they are getting ready to launch. They are doing a preview of their items on Thursday, April 17th from 7:00-8:30 in West Jordan. They have an awesome bib called the bibbie. It has so many purposes! It is made of a thick, quilted and absorbent fabric that you could use for a drooling or messy baby, eating, an apron for cooking, playing, in the car when you don't want the snacks all over the clothes, etc. etc. I love it because it can have so many purposes for all different kids and moms.


Lisanne Lee said...


I took a bit of a blogging break but am frequently checking your blog. We'd talk about that fleurville diaper bag awhile ago, but is it still on sale?

PS-I found the most adorable clutch/diaper bag made by Petunia Pickle Bottom. In my opinion, it's more than blog worthy. I'd buy one today if I had the cash.

Miss you! Let's talk soon.


Geoff and Joy said...

too bad i lost my job or I would be buying that in a second!! sounds like a great bib!

Jinii said...

I will definately going to this. My cousin has triplets with acid reflux and I think these would be a life saver for her!

Amy said...

What a cute idea! We use apron's as bib's or a clothes protector, but I really like this idea and they look really cute. I'll have to try to stop by! Thanks for the info!