Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been following the information and controversy on Bisphenol-A (BPA) and the dangers/risks of it in bottles, sippy cups, etc. It is becoming more and more talked about and a lot of companies are now trying to pull bottles/cups from their shelves that are not BPA Free (most are not BPA free). Walmart announced that they are going to only sell BPA Free bottles by early next year. Babies R' Us announced that they are going to phase out bottles with BPA by the end of 2008. This is causing a lot of companies to have to change their ways. It will take time, but hopefully everyone will follow suit so we do not have to be as concerned. You can check a blog called Z Recommends that has done A TON of research on the subject and you can read here and here about it as well. This is why a bottle company called Born Free is becoming more and more popular (they are BPA free) as well as why Dr. Browns is now making a glass bottle line. Nalgene, one of the biggest makers of hard-plastic water bottles sold in stores like REI, announced that it will pull all its bottles containing BPA from store shelves in the coming weeks. You should probably stop using Nalgene water bottles if you have them. It is important for each of us to do our own research and draw our own conclusions on this topic.


Lisanne Lee said...

I've been trying to keep up on this whole thing. Thanks for keeping me updated. This is good to know.

Hope you had a wonderful trip.


Lindsey said...

I've read a little on this topic; I've been breastfeeding, but my son is 6 months now, so I'll need sippy cups soon and I definitely want to research this some more. Thanks for the info!

Jinii said...

I am so glad you addressed this issue. I had followed the news but not even thought about it when I registered. I just went through my registry using the website you provided taking off anything that had BPA in it! We have to do whatever we can to protect our babies!