Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Utah has a new booster seat law that just went into effect yesterday, May 5th. It requires all children to sit in a booster seat until their eigth birthday, unless they are 4 feet 9 inches tall.

4 out of 5 car seats are installed improperly. If you want to go to a free car seat check (if you live in Utah), there is one on May 24th from 10-1 pm at Butterfield Park in Herriman (6212 W. 14200 S.).


Geoff and Joy said...

thanks for the info. i want to get my carseat checked!

Okey's said...

I know that my little girl is only 9 months but eight years old seems a little silly to still be sitting in a car seat. By the time she is eight they will have them in car seats till they are 11 or 12 :)

Desi Cusak-Schmauch said...

Thanks for the update!! I know a lot of your Mommy readers out there appreciate this post!

yawningdog said...

I know it sounds funny to keep your kid in a car seat until they are 9, but it is both easy and worth it.

To start, those booster seats are cheap and easy to grab and move from one car to another. For my kids, now 7.5 and 9.5, besides making the shoulder strap hit them in the right place; they boost the kids up so that they can see out the windows. Finally, I have always felt that containment was key with my kids. I like knowing that they can't get all over the back seat.