Monday, May 26, 2008


UPDATE - 6/2/08: People have reported going to the Babies R' Us in Midvale recently and not having a problem returning their bottles. It looks like they are now taking back bottles even if they are older than 90 days. Moral of the story...don't be discouraged if you have bottles you want to return. Just go in and see what it gets you.

UPDATE: I went to BRU today in Midvale and they took back my bottles and gave me store credit. A friend of mine called an hour after I left the store and they said they are no longer doing this unless you purchased your bottles within the last 90 days. Strange...I am pretty excited about my new store credit, though. Has anyone else has success or failure at this? Please share :)

I called my local Babies R' Us store in Utah and they said that they will take back my Avent bottles without a receipt and will give me store credit!!! (Without a receipt...since I bought them between 18 months to 2 years ago). They asked if I purchased my bottles at Babies R' Us (which I did) but that will be on your honor. If you are interested in returning your bottles, I would suggest you don't delay. Who knows how long they will be willing to do this. There is no official policy on the company website and many stores are not participating. It was left up to the individual stores to participate or not.


Tyler's Mom said...

That is great to know! I actually just "recycled" almost all of my Avents. However, I have a lot of friends who have Avent and will want to try and return them. Thanks for all the great info!

Okey's said...

Thanks for the post on this. My babys r us will do an exchange for other bottles. I always learn new things....thanks Karen!