Monday, May 12, 2008


I have a confession. I really don't like the look of "Crocs." I hope I don't make any enemies from saying this :) I do, however, appreciate the practicality of them so I did buy a pair for my son to quickly slip on and off to go on a walk or go to the park, etc. They are the only pair of shoes he can put on entirely by himself right now. Because I am not into them I just bought him an off brand for $5.

I have super small feet (I wear a size 2 in little girls). It is impossible to find shoes! I am considering getting a pair for myself too since I don't have a lot of options.

This week at Smith's Marketplace you can buy what they call "Fashion Clogs" (imitation Crocs) for $5.99 for Men, Women & Children. They are all $5.99 (regularly $11.99).

Don't feel bad if you buy the real Crocs. I don't love to buy imitations of things (sometimes there is a reason other companies copy the original). If I loved Crocs, I would totally buy the real ones, but since we are just using them outside around our house or at the park I just can't justify it.

UPDATE: The clogs at Smith's Marketplace are pretty cheap quality. I like the clogs at Target & Payless Shoesource better. Just my opinion :)


Geoff and Joy said...

I dislike them as well. Don't think you are alone. I did however, buy a pair when I was pregnant and my feet couldn't fit into any normal width shoe last summer, but I will never wear them again, I think they are hideous on adult feet!

Brittany said...

I agree 100% I did however buy some for my girls at The Children's Place. They were begging for them. Not my favorite, but the kids like them.