Monday, May 19, 2008


In the LDS Church we are asked to hold "Family Home Evening" every Monday night. This is where we set aside time to spend together as a family and we teach our children about the gospel (or other topics that our children need to hear) and have a fun time together.

Here is a link from the LDS Church with FHE ideas and info.

I think one of the easiest and best things to do for FHE is to use the Friend Magazine from the Church. Be sure and subscribe to it!

I found a blog dedicated to family home evening ideas specifically for ages 0-5 (which is sometimes the hardest age to come up with lessons). (she also links other websites on the bottom)

There is also the "Pratt's Family Home evening page with ideas

There is a Yahoo Group just for FHE ideas that is great. There are over 3,000 members. It is called fhe4children.

A few other sites are:, and


mrsneyman said...

when i come to your page only one post is showing up with no way to get to the older ones...just a heads up!

Karen Scoffield said...

You just have to make sure you are going to only my site here:

If this ever happens where you can't see older posts on a blog click on the header and the top and it will take you to the main page.

Smart Family said...

Thanks for the information. I'm trying to get better at doing actual lessons instead of just having family time.