Friday, May 23, 2008


Have you gotten with the times yet and started using iGoogle for your mainpage or use Google Reader to read your favorite blogs? I have and I am loving it!

iGoogle is a way your can customize your own Google page to include your Google search bar and a million other things you want. I currently have my email, Google Reader (that shows me all of the new posts of my favorite blogs), a to do list, date & time, Google news, the weather, a calendar and I can't remember the rest, but you can add a million more things.

Google Reader lets you add all of your favorite blogs and when they are updated it shows you and you can read and see all of the new posts on that one page instead of visiting all of those different blogs. Definitely a time saver and now I don't have to waste my time checking my sister-in-law's blog over and over to see if she has posted yet (hint hint :)


Skinner Family said...

I totally agree with you... it helps me not waste three hours on the computer checking blogs!

John & Nichole said...

I had to check your tips out too!!! I love all your tips!

Preds Girl said...

Such a good tip! Thank you!!