Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After speaking to 2 different people at the Salt Lake Valley Dept. of Health, I thought I understood exactly what is now being required regarding diapers at public pools in Utah. Well..I was wrong. Although the pants above look similar to the pants I told you about previously, they are different. The main importance is that the pants have to be WATERPROOF. Both of these pants are waterproof above, because I believe they are made specifically to be worn over cloth diapers. The main requirements by the state are that it has elastic around the waist, legs and is waterproof. Even though the pair I purchased for my son is made for swimming (actually called a Swim Diaper) and is polyester, it is not waterproof. Sorry for any confusion I have caused!
**The top pair are "Gerber Vinyl Training Pants" and are $6 for 2 pairs at Target.
The 2nd pair are "I Play Pull Up Pants" and come in a 3 pack for $12.99 at Babies R' Us.

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Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

Huh I wonder why when I went to the provo pool today they didn't make me have one? I just had to make sure Lukas had a swim diaper. I was sort of disappointed actually because they don't even check to make sure your baby has one. They just ask you if they have on on. You say yes and get to go right in. If not then you have to buy one for a dollar. So you could totally lie if you wanted too. I think they need to actually check.