Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have loved the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for years, but I forgot just how wonderful it is until recently. My son wrote with a pen on the wood floor, I hit the corner of my garage (white trim) with my black car, and some other thing I can't remember. Mr. clean cleaned up every boo boo like a champ! Especially my car. I was shocked, but it got all of the white paint off my bumper before my husband got home. But who am I kidding...I am sure he will noticed the trim on the garage is a little out of sorts.

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Erickson Entertainment Weekly said...

Just one suggestion...I don't know what kind of bumper you have, however, my husband and I decided to try the eraser on a small area on our car where there too was a white spot. It took the spot off but dulled the paint. So just be careful where you use it on your car. I have loved using it on the inside of my car on my leather seats and on the dash and car door panels. It takes off those nasty black kick marks, etc.