Monday, June 16, 2008


As you know, I am LDS and I know some of you are too so I need your help.

I was just called as 2nd Counselor in my ward Relief Society. I have been in Primary and YW for the past 8 years and need any advice or ideas I can get. I am over Enrichment, so any ideas for that would be great too.

What are some things your ward does to reach out to other women? Fun activities or ideas? Favorite websites for helps, etc.

I would appreciate any tips or suggestions anyone has!


Skinner Family said... is a great place for ideas.

Survery the women in the ward with their likes and talents.

Book club (we use time out for women by Deseret Book to help pick out books); Food/Meal Planning; Humanitarian Projects; Mother & Daughter nights

Hope that helps.

Jess said...

My Mom was over enrichment in her ward and they did a service auction. Everyone made or offered something to auction off and they had a paper with different ways to earn points to auction off with. Some examples were did you do your VT this month etc. and people auctioned off anything from aprons to binky clips etc. She said everyone LOVED it and had so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Sit, Chat and finsh that. This is where the women can come together once a month and finish up projects. We had one women bring her laundry and fold it, some did scrapbooks and some just came to talk

melanieking224 said...

Our ward has recently organized lunch in the park for moms with tots once a month, a walking and running group that meet at 6:30 a.m. a few times a week, a recipe swap group that meets once a month (with a theme), and even a group that meets to have Spanish lessons from another sister in the ward. Good luck in your new calling!

Kari and Ryan said...

You should talk to Steph...she has so many enrichment ideas...that's what she did for years in her ward! Aunt Diane is also a great source for ideas!

Jacy said...

Kare, for our Enrichment last week they had the Grocery Guru come and talk. It was a big turn-out. Call me and I'll tell you about it.

Horsley Home said...

I love the Enrichment in our ward- they always do really fun things. Some of my favorites are... the service auction (like the one mentioned previously). We had people auction things they made as well as service like- 2 hours of gardening help, or weekend babysitter, or dinner for your family. It was a blast! They've also done a lot of "health" nights- one of the girls taught a pilates class, we've done yoga, and learned about healthy "green" eating. In the fall I am teaching a class on blogging! That would be something you would be great at! It seems like people who don't have blogs would like one, but they just don't know how to get started and are intimidated by it. We also just did a "What Not To Wear" night that was super fun! We talked about different body types and had a stylish gal with each body type give tips on how to dress for their shape. We also talked about current fashions, and what was age appropriate, but still stylish. Hope this helps?

Vinyl Letter Impressions said...

If you need any vinyl for enrichment or super saturdays....let me know.

Krystal said...

I'm new to Karen's random tips, but I am 2nd counselor in Young women's and there is an amazing website, it has awesome tips and ideas for ALL church callings and activities. You can even subscribe to the site for FREE and you can manage your own favorites and such. I hope it helps, thanks for your tips!!!


Angie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog about my daughter. Your words meant a lot. As far as enrichment goes, we have some fun small breakout groups going which include: play groups, hair braiding and bow making, scrapbook night, book club, temple group, recipe exchange, and morning walking group.

One fun quarterly activity they did was a service auction. You began by filling out a survey, and each question gave you so much “money”. Questions were things like:
- Have you read your scriptures today?
- Did you have family prayer last night?
- Did you hold Family Home Evening this week?
- Have you gone to the temple this month?
- Did you get your Visiting Teaching done last month?

Then, each sister brought a card with a “service” she was willing to give. There were things like decorate one room in your house, four weeks of piano lessons, a fully decorated kids birthday cake, babysitting, free girls night out, clean one room in your house, etc. It was really fun and the sisters loved it.

Angie said...

After I posted my previous comment, I can see my ward isn't the only one with the Service Auction. So sorry for the marathon post!!

The Dunn's Daily said...

I am the Enrichment Leader in my ward, and have had great success with "The Purse Theme" I got lots of ideas from, we also just did our own Women's Conference with speakers on Organization, Fun Family Activities, and a Tasters Table with quick and easy dishes. We are in the works on planning a Summer Salad Social all RS sisters bring a salad and YW & mom bring dessert. We will eat and visit with a little game. Just some ideas that have been very successful.