Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Red Balloon Toy Stores in Utah are having an Anniversary Sale now through June 21st. Everything in the store (besides already marked down items and Jurassic Sand) is 22% off.

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rivertonbrat said...

A few years ago, our van was broken into and checks stolen.

The Red Balloon accepted one of the forged checks. They were informed within the hour that the check was stolen/forged.

Even so, the Red Balloon had already scanned the check for the processer, and the manager refused to inform the check processing company of the forgery, although they did call the police.

The Red Balloon CEO promised to remedy the case, but repeatedly failed to do anything and finally had an attorney send us a letter to ask us not to contact the store anymore.

Collection agencies tried for years to collect the money from us, and the Red Balloon refused to do anything.

We both have great credit and good employment. The money wasn't the issue -- it was the fact that a company could show such a lack of accountability.

(webmaster: I'm not going to harrass -- this is a single-time 'blowing off steam' deal)