Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Have you heard of Peanut Posh yet? They have adorable boy's neckties, car seat covers and car seat tents and a darling flower clip system that you can interchange with different flowers and tops.

Peanut Posh is offering 10% off your order to Karen's tips readers by entering KARENSTIPS at checkout through the end of the month!


Amy said...

that tie is adorable! i want it!!! thanks for the info :)

Geoff and Joy said... tell me your secret. How have you won 3 times on OH SWEET SADIE. Something isn't right there, or you are one LUCKY lady! I think it is about time you stop entering those contests so we all have a chance!!

Karen Scoffield said...

Ha Ha, Joy. I am pretty lucky. The odds are really good since there aren't very many entries. You will win, I promise. I won twice this time and once 2 shows ago. I thought for sure I didn't have a chance when I was #1 yesterday but likes me what can I say!