Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last posted on 4/1/08.

Did you know that you can TEXT Google on your cell phone and get results with the address and phone number or whatever you need for free! This is such a great alternative to 411. You need to be somewhat specific (city and state) and commas do help in my experience. You just text to 466453 ('GOOGLE' on most devices) and it sends back a text message with the info. Here is the link to read more about it.

If you don't want to text you can also call 1-800 GOOG 411 and they will connect you for free! Say good bye to $1.49 411 calls!!! Yeah! Here is the link for it.


Nick and Ashley Lemon said...

Love it! Sometimes results come back in 1 seocnd...i've counted. and it's way quicker than the phone book or looking it up on the internet!

Shelley said...

That's cool! Thanks for sharing! Now, didn't I read somewhere that you are the primary chorister? Well, I am too and am looking for an idea to teach We thank thee O God for a prophet....or any fun singing time ideas. HELP!

Fackrell Fam said...

Karen, check out my blog because I just put a website where people can go to get really good deals on groceries/food storage! I was thinking you could put it on your blog since it is a tips blog! Just an idea!
Your tips are great! How do you get the time to find so many tips to share?

Amy said...

ingenius! i'm so glad you reposted that!

Colorado Smarts said...

We've used it on trips a couple of times and it is awesome!!