Monday, September 6, 2010

Britax Marathon & Little Lamb Swing - Target Deals

Today through Saturday (or while supplies last) there are some great deals at Target for 2 of my very favorite baby/kid items.

The first is the Britax Marathon car seat is only $159.99 (retails for $269.99) and the Britax Roundabout is $100 (retails for $159.99). The reason they are selling these so cheap is Britax has completely revamped all of their car seats and over the next while you will be seeing a lot of stores closing out the old seats. If you are debating between the 2 seats I recommend the Marathon! It is more roomy and taller for your children and will last up to 65 lbs. I have seen a lot of kids outgrow the roundabout in height after not being in it for very long. THIS DEAL IS ONLY IN STORES AND WILL GO FAST! People online in the East Coast are already reporting that it was a mad house at their Target. The Roundabout only comes in the cow print or Kathryn pattern. The Marathon will be whatever they have. You can also try to price match at Babies R' Us and there is a 15% off coupon right now that you might be able to add on top of it. Has to be the same pattern, though. I would do this as a last resort if your Target is out.

The second item I loved with my son is the Fisher Price Cradle Swing. Unlike other swings you can put your baby in this swing from the very start because they are not sitting upright. And babies love to swing side to side. The Fisher Price My Little Lamb cradle n' swing is on sale this week at Target for $119 (regularly $149.99). I don't see it cheaper online (once you pay shipping) so this is a great deal!

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