Tuesday, August 31, 2010


City Deals has been around quite awhile but they have really made some great strides lately! They are an awesome deal site that is mostly for Utah (although they do have National deals if you put in your city you will see them). I am amazed at how many deals they offer and just how good they are.

Some of the deals I saw while poking around this morning are:
Real Tickets to the Sept. 15th Real vs. Toronto FC game. Lower bowl tickets with a souvenir bag or DVD for $11.95. The tickets alone are normally $30.

$20 Great Harvest gift certificate for $10

$20 Chuck E. Cheese for $10.

$50 Spa/Salon gift certificates for $25

And much more! Especially tons and tons of restaurants.

The cool thing about City Deals and some of these other sites is that you can refer your friends to sign up and if they buy a deal you get a $10 credit to use on their site! So...click HERE to get a deal and then tell your friends.

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Shandra said...

Karen, you are the winner of the Clearplay DVD Player. Email us at TOdd@dealstomeals.com and we will give you details of how we can send you the player and get your membership up and going.


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