Saturday, August 28, 2010

$50 Hapari Gift Certificate for only $20!

Today Groupon has a $50 Hapari gift certificate for only $20! You can use it in store (in American Fork) or online beginning August 30th but it doesn't expire until March so you can wait too. Their tankinis are so cute and fit well too. This offer is good through tomorrow. It is a "side deal" so when you pull up the site it will be on the side. Click here to get the deal.


Joy said...

Thank you. I bought two. Just don't tell my husband!!

Joy said...

ps...can you name all the sites that do deals like this? That would be a wonderful blog post. Thanks in advance!!!

Karen Scoffield said...

I actually set up links today for all of the sites I follow that do deals like this. It is on the top right of my blog.