Thursday, January 21, 2010


Oh Sweet Sadie (the best boutique around) will be doing a show on Friday and Saturday, February 5th & 6th at the SoDa row shops at Daybreak (11400 S. and Bangerter Hwy) in South Jordan, Utah. They will begin contests on their blog on January 25th!

Some of my favorite things I have purchased at Oh Sweet Sadie are...
-A darling and cheap wall clock from Anna and Rose
-Jot it Down notepads
-A pirate pop gun for my son
-Tika Kids magnet board to use at church with magnetic puzzles
-My car litter bag
-Pink Chandelier necklace w/ charms
-Unique earrings
-Dani's famous Salsa

The list goes on and on...Don't tell my husband! :)

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