Friday, January 22, 2010


Udder Covers is giving their nursing covers away free if you pay for $9.95 shipping and handling (so not entirely free) but an amazing deal for sure! Use code BABYKISS in the code box. I got the one pictured above. It is really cute and quite neutral. I am not pregnant but for this price there is no harm in holding onto it, right?

UPDATE: You may have seen the anonymous comment on this post claiming that people who purchase from Udder Covers have fraudulent charges on their credit cards down the road. I have been in contact with Udder Covers and they are doing everything they can to protect purchasers on their site. They use a hacker safe co.,, they have a secure site, etc. etc. I can see no way that this comment could be accurate. They are a secure site. The only reason they are offering covers at such a great price is to spread the word about their products and give Mom's a great deal.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: I "Googled" the Nursing Cover offer & lots of this came up: "Beware the offer for a "free" Udder Cover! It eventually shows up...there have been a lot of fraudulent charges on the cards of many women...who ordered these udder covers. They send the cheap covers, wait a few months, and then fraudulent charges start showing up. The company claims they are innocent and they are hurt by lies. Yet, lots of women had their info stolen a few months later. It hasn't happened to everyone, but these women want us to warned."