Monday, December 8, 2008


Wicked tickets in Utah go on sale on December 12th but TODAY beginning at 10:00 AM you can get pre-sale tickets. Click here and then use code BAA12. You can also call 355-ARTS or visit the Capitol Theatre Box Office.

If you do not have an account with ArtTix already, please visit, and create your account now. This will help speed your online purchase process. 8 ticket limit per purchase.

**Some people have commented that the code didn't work but I just tried it and it worked fine. You have to be sure to capitalize.


Michal and Brandon said...

I found your site through googling for promo codes for Wicked.
thank you for saving my butt! we wanted to get some tickets as a gift and I didn't realize how crazy hard it would be....good thing I'm not waiting till Friday!
thanks again for the tip!

Jason and Layna said...

I tried to use your code, but couldn't get it to work. Do you know if there is something I am missing.

Katherine said...

I also tried the code, but was unsuccessful.
Please update your post if there is something additional that needs to happen.

BTW - thanks a ton for the great tip!

Anonymous said...

I just got tickets. Thank you THank YOu!!!!

Heather said...

Where do you enter the promo code after you click on the link?

Heather said...

Sorry, if you want to respond to my previous comment then you can email me at I would feel so much better if I could get these now because they are a surprise for my husband for our anniversary. I keep trying the link, but can't find anywhere for the promo code. Are all the presales gone?

Melanie said...

Love it! I have wanted to see this play for a long time. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

The promo code didn't work for me. Any suggestions?
reply to

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! You are my hero!! I went all the way to Chicago 2 years ago just to see Wicked! I LOVE IT!!!! I heard the show was coming and I almost bought season tickets just becuase I knew it would be a night mare trying to get them, unfortunately I just could not afford it when I was not in love with the rest of the shows. I have been like a blood hound for 9 months trying to do everything that I could to get tickets - I even set my passowrd that I use daily at work to Wicked1212 so I would not forget the day. I signed up on every site I could think of hoping to get a promotional code for the presale but I got nothing!!! I was really starting to panic when I heard all the advertisements on the radio and in the newspaper and knew it would be CRAZY to try and get them. I was just getting packed up tonight to stand in line when I thought I would try to guess the code (becuase I have been able to do that in past)before waiting in line all night. I did not guess the code but I google promoational code wicked utah and viola! Just like magic here you are!
THANK YOU sooo sooo much! I just finished pruchasing my tickets and they are perfect - center mess just where I like them and now I have the best Christmas gift for my parents as well! THANK YOU!!!

the murdocks said...

I am dying to see that!!