Thursday, August 21, 2008


Linens N' Things filed Chapter 11 and is restructuring. They are closing several stores across the country. Have you had any close in your area? I saw one in Murray and in Park City, Utah. I am sure it gets pretty picked over, but toward the end they mark everything down to 80-90% off. Keep an eye out in your area, you may just find some good deals.

The NY Post said, "Linens 'n Things has already announced two rounds of store closings. The first affected 120 of its 589 locations across 47 states. Earlier the company said it plans to close an additional 87 stores."

I personally don't know how they can compete with Bed Bath and Beyond. BB&B has always given cash back for returns and accepts expired coupons (2 things LNT does not do).

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