Tuesday, August 5, 2008



I went into my email and followed the tracking Walmart gave me and it showed me that it had been delivered yesterday. I went out to my mailbox and it was there! So...check your tracking online and then watch your mailboxes (or doorsteps as other commenters have posted)!

Awhile ago I posted that you could preorder Breaking Dawn through Walmart.com and you should receive it on or around August 2nd. Well...I still have not received it. Has anyone else had this problem? If you have received it from Walmart, tell us how it was shipped. Did you get it on your doorstep or your mailbox?


travisrichardson said...

I did this for my wife, and she still hasn't seen it. On the 31rst we received an email saying it shipped, but the tracking is less then helpful. It just says it will be here on or around saturday the 2nd.

Ashley said...

same with me! aaaahhhh! the last book that was delivered from Walmart was dropped on my doorstep.

Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

I haven't gotten it either. I am hoping today. When you click on the tracking you have to click on track this package to the left. I didn't realize that at first and was getting the same message as the first commenter. It said it was in Salt LAke yesterday so I am hoping to get it today!

Marianne said...

I received mine today on my doorstep through UPS. The tracking didn't really say anything until today and then is showed it was delivered to Salt Lake yesterday, I was hoping today was the day. I don't think I will purchase a pre-ordered book again through Walmare, I will just purchase it at Costco the day it is released. I hated waiting for it and really thought I would receive it much sooner.

travisrichardson said...

Ok still no sign of the book. My wife picked up the book from costco instead. Today I sent all of the information required to get a refund for the book. I figure with Walmart you win some you lose some. Oh well. Thanks Karin for all the cool tips. I found your site through my cousins Blake & Katie.