Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am going to be changing the format of my blog from now on. For the past several months I have posted everyday and it has been fun for me but lately (after 300 + posts) I feel like I don't have a ton of things to pass on each day.

I like to put things on my blog I think you would all like to hear but sometimes I am posting out of obligation. So...from now on I will just be posting whenever I have something I want to share. I know this will be a pain since you won't know when to check the blog, but hopefully you can subscribe to Google Reader so it will tell you when I have updated.

Don't be too discouraged..I will still be posting lots of fun things and information, but just not daily.


Jennie said...

That's okay.... we forgive you. :)

I have wondered where you come up with all these tips. You are a wealth of information. We have you on feed at our house, so we can catch up on you when ever you decide to push "publish post". Thanks for all your efforts for our behalf!

The Michiganders said...

I can TOTALLY understand! Love your blog. You are amazing!

Skinner Family said...

I have google reader just for that reason! Plus, you shouldn't be stressed about posting everyday. We must all have a life to live!

Sommers said...

I agree, but I will miss checking it everyday!!! I guess i should get something else done during the dat too.

Smart Family said...

I don't know how you've been able to do it up to this point. I'll look forward to your updates whenever you get a chance.

D'Lish said...


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