Tuesday, July 1, 2008


If you want to try some cheaper BPA bottles that have been around awhile, I suggest 2 choices. The first are the Evenflo bottles. They are only $2.99 for 3 bottles. They have a smaller nipple, so it depends on what your baby prefers.

The other option is the Playtex ORIGINAL Nurser bottle. They are $3.49 a bottle and have the drop in liners. This bottle and the liners are BPA free, but the Premium Nurser from Playtex is not BPA free, just the liners are.

These are 2 good and affordable alternatives to the Born Free ($9 a bottle) and Green to Grow (start at $7.49). These bottles seem great if you don't mind spending a little more.

And don't forget that Dr. Browns now has Polypropolene bottles (BPA Free) in a 3 pack for $12.99. They are actually available now on Babies R' Us.com. As far as I can tell, they do not make them in a wide neck bottle yet.

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Leah and John said...

Thanks for posting this post! II'm going to buy some of these for extras, I bought the BornFree which are wonderful but they're a little pricey!