Sunday, May 1, 2011

Binky Spritz!

Have you seen Binky Spritz yet? I am excited to try it out. We have all dropped a binky and had the moral dilemna of wondering what to do with it and if we really can bring ourselves to give it back to our screaming kid. I have always wished there was something safe for the baby to allow the binky to be able to go back in their mouth but would also actually rid the binky of the germs.

So...Binky Spritz is the solution. Man I feel like an informercial right now. Anyway, it is made of all natural ingredients and is even safe to drink if for some reason you wanted to or I guess you kid happened to. It was tested against sanitizer and had the same effects at killing germs but yet it is natural and has no alcohol. I have even heard of people using it to spray on public changing tables, stroller snack trays, etc. The possibilities are endless.

It is a local Utah co. so it is starting to appear throughout Utah but you can order off their site HERE.

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Nic & Trudi said...

I bought some at the Women's Expo and I love it!!!