Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I posted this post this morning and someone commented to let me know that these bottles are not as good of a deal as it seems as there are apparently 2 different packages you can get right now of Avent Bottles. The set for $10 is normally around $13 and the set tht is $18.99 is on sale for $16.14. From what I can tell the main difference between these 2 different packs is that the cheaper bottles have a ring at the top that is an extra piece to help with the gas/colic and the more expensive bottles have it built in. Also the cheaper bottles have the letters "PP" in the name because they are made of polypropelene and the more expensive bottles are made of Polyether Sulphone (PES). Both materials are BPA free.

This week at Target you can get a 2 pk. of Avent bottles (4 oz. or 9 oz.) for only $10. This is a great price considering Babies R' Us charges $18.99 for the same pack.


Jen said...

Yay! Good tip, I'm in need of more bottles...it seems like all of mine are leaking! Thanks! Oh and I remember you saying you had a family pass to discovery gateway? Is it worth getting one for my 8 month old? I've never been and wonder if it is good for babies or better for big kids?

Anonymous said...

I personally wouldn't buy the $10 ones... There are 2 types of avent bottles now. The ones priced at $10 are the cheaper version and have an additional ring you have to use with the bottle to ensure they don't leak. The pricier ones are on sale for $16.14 which is still a good price but they don't require the additional piece. Just a heads up! But yeah, the ones sold at Babies'r'us for $18 are the pricier ones. BTW, you can tell the difference because the more expensive version is a honey colored plastic, while the other is a milky color.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to anyone that uses Avent... they have awesome customer service. If you call to let them know your bottles are leaking, they'll replace them at no charge! Seriously, I"ve known people that have done it and I don't think they require anything except a call.