Saturday, June 13, 2009


Have you seen the Potty Watch? It is a little watch your child can wear that has a little timer on it. You can set the timer at 30, 60 or 90 min. intervals and it plays a little tune to remind your child to go potty. It has been nice to use with my son because I am tired of being the bad guy that makes him stop playing to go potty. Now it is the potty watch that makes him go! You can find them on the potty watch site, at One Step Ahead or several retail locations across the U.S.


Ashley said...

I was just wondering tonight where I could get one of these, and then I come to your blog and what should I see? I had no idea they sold them at Macey's grocery store. Thanks for the great tip!

Amy said...

that is such a super good idea- i'll have to keep that in mind down the road with our little guy :)

Melissa said...

I used this potty watch with my son & it was great! As a mom, you get busy and it was a great reminder to take my child potty. With out this, too much time would pass and my son had already had an accident. I purchased it at Harmon's grocery store!